RiverRun Adds Karin Chien to Creative Advisory Board

RiverRun announced a new Creative Advisory Board member, Karin Chien, who served as 2015 juror for RiverRun’s narrative feature films in competition.

“I am excited to welcome Karin to our Creative Advisory Board,” said Andrew Rodgers, RiverRun’s Executive Director. “She will bring new insight, experience and talent to our organization and we are honored that she is so willing to donate her energy and ideas to help enrich the Festival.”

Karin Chien is an independent film producer and distributor committed to uncompromising visions that challenge . . . .

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On winning RiverRun’s Best Narrative Short jury prize for “The Kármán Line”: “This is delightful – it’s been a joy to learn people all over America have been responding to this strange, personal tale from the Britain, and prizes like this...

RiverRun 2015 Emerging Master Awards

Academy Award® nominated filmmakers Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, founders of NYC-based production house Loki Films, attended RiverRun on Saturday, April 25, 2015, to accept the RiverRun Emerging Masters Award. Ewing and Grady are known for such notable works as Jesus...

“Goals vs. Expectations:  Goals are things that you can control. You can write five pages of your screenplay today, or write a grant proposal to try to raise money by the end of the week.  Expectations are things that you cannot control. Will the agent like my script? Will my film get into a prestigious film festival? Will people like my movie? As long as you stick to your goals, you can be much more creatively productive… If you’re doing it because you want to achieve your expectations, you’re probably in the wrong business.” – James Duff (Director of RiverRun 2015 Audience Award-winning Altered States film, “Hank and Asha.”)

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