The fanfare and retina-scorching pyrotechnics of the Fourth of July holiday are just a few days away, so we thought we'd add a bit of razzle dazzle to the occasion by unfurling a few banner-worthy headlines of our own.  Of course we'll make sure to save the real fireworks for the 15th annual festival next April, but until then we have plenty of technicolor roman candles, celluloid cherry bombs and cinematic M-80s to ignite for you in the coming months.  

And speaking of the 2013 installment of RiverRun, our first big announcement is we have already locked in our dates for next spring so you can mark them off on your calendars, schedule sick days in advance on your Blackberries, have Siri set creepy artificial intelligence reminders for you on your iPhones, whatever you need to do to be in town and available for next year's festivities.  We'll light the town up next April 12-21, 2013 for another ten days of film nirvana here in Winston-Salem, and are already plotting for how to outdo what was undeniably our biggest and most electrifying RiverRun yet this year.  

With that news, it's also time to open the floodgates once again for new film submissions!  Friends, filmmakers, cameramen, spread the message throughout the land that RiverRun's 2013 call for entries has officially commenced.  We're now accepting submissions in all categories for next year's festival and are sincerely looking forward to checking out all the inventive new work that has been manifested in the past year or so.  The full details and submission guidelines are available here, but the first date to keep in mind is August 15th, which marks our early deadline.  Get your films to us early and save some money on submission fees!

Our monthly Cineclub screening series, in tandem with a/perture cinema, has a special treat in store for the month of July as well.  While we couldn't add an additonal screening of the deeply moving Monsieur Lazhar during the festival this year, we're bringing it back next Monday, July 9th for a special one-night-only return engagement!  The film was so buzzworthy that all three screenings during RiverRun sold out in a flash, and rightly so--it was one of the five films nominated at the Academy Awards this year for Best Foreign Language Film.  It also ended up running away with the Kilpatrick, Townsend and Stockton, LLP Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature during the festival.  Showtime is at 8pm, and tickets are $10 (or $6 for a/v society members).  Check here for complete details, a trailer of the film, etc.

Our audiences are always curious to know the trajectories films end up taking after they screen at RiverRun, so we have a few quick bulletins about our 2012 alums that you might find of interest.  The feature documentary The Island President recently was made available for digital download through Itunes store, so if you missed it in Winston-Salem, click on through to check it out via the world wide web.  Another crowd favorite, Altered States Audience Award winner Small, Beautifully Moving Parts also is in the midst of a small theatrical run in various cities throughout the country--check their homepage to find out if it might be coming to a city near you!

And lastly, a tantalizing item of motion picture vocabulary to impress your friends at various bar trivia nights and backyard barbecues throughout the summer.  You might not realize that the character type has become so prevalent and easily recognizable as to become codified, but the once elusive "manic pixie dream girl" has become virtually ubiquitous in the independent film world these days.  Bone up on the MPDG here and wow your friends the next time you find yourself settling in to watch the latest Natalie Portman or Zooey Deschanel vehicle!

Hope to see you all out at a/perture next Monday evening for Cineclub, and have a terrific Independence Day!