Say cheese!

It's rare that you get a chance to reshoot that awkward family photograph, but RiverRun is giving you all a well deserved do-over on Monday, July 8th.  That date heralds the triumphant return of the edgy, irreverent coming of age comedy 
Picture Day, which won the Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature at this year's festival! Those who somehow let it slip through the cracks during the festival--an excusable absence when there are over 140 other films showing, mind you--get another chance to catch up with this firecracker of a film at a/perture cinema! Starring the riveting Tatiana Maslany, fresh off a Critics Choice Award win for her performance on the hit new BBC America sci-fi series Orphan Black, the film is a hilariously honest snapshot of high school and its absurd social hierarchies--think Freaks and Geeks mixed with Juno and transplanted to modern day Canada. Rebellious teen Claire (Maslany) develops an unhealthy attachment to a wannabe rock star twice her age, and her only salvation is in the friendship of Henry, a nerdy freshman she used to babysit. Through these relationships, she learns hard lessons about the difference between sex, intimacy, and friendship. Showtime is at 8pm, and check out our website or Facebook page for full details!

Around the corner


There's a lot going on behind the scenes in preparation for the 2014 installment of RiverRun as well, so stay tuned for lots of announcements in the coming weeks and months!  We'll be rolling out the dates for 2014 shortly, opening our call for film submissions in just a few weeks, and touting future Cineclub titles throughout the year.  There might even be the odd job posting or sidewalk sale to talk about, among other noteworthy news items.  Also, did you know thata/perture cinema is expecting?  A brand spanking new third theater downstairs that is.  They're making great progress and hope to have the a/perture 3 screen up and running later this summer.  

RiverRun vocab 101: The martini shot


And lastly, another tantalizing item of motion picture vocabulary to impress your friends at various bar trivia nights and backyard barbecues this season!  Fittingly at the end of this newsletter we're talking about the slang term "martini shot" used by film industry folk.  For the uninitiated, the last shot of the day on a film set is often given this cosmopolitan distinction by crew members in anticipation of the day's wrap.  Why, pray tell?  According to various sources, for the simple fact that once the final shot is photographed on camera, the next shot should be out of a martini glass.  Shaken, not stirred for the most reverent students of film history I'm sure.

Hope to see you all out at a/perture next Monday evening for Cineclub, and have a terrific Independence Day!