Join Riverrun for a free virtual screening of b-side: For taylor

RiverRun is offering a return engagement of a 2023 festival favorite – B-SIDE: FOR TAYLOR directed by Christina YR Lim .

This is a FREE SCREENING September 18 – Oct 2 in our Virtual Theater as part of our community screening program. We hope this will provide an opportunity for those who weren’t able to attend RiverRun 2023 to watch this sweet and hopeful film at home with their family and friends.


A year after the sudden death of her mother, Taylor, a 14-year-old adoptee has secretly grown obsessed with finding her birth family in Korea. The loss has also taken a severe toll on her relationship with her father, Bill, a high school teacher who medicates his grief with alcohol. As summer begins, a Korean family unexpectedly immigrates to her all-white neighborhood and Taylor befriends a new maternal figure, Areum who agrees to help locate her birth family. As the two grow closer, Areum’s own struggle with the loss of her old life and home helps Taylor connect with her Korean roots and grieve her mother’s death. But as they delve deeper into her birth family’s whereabouts, they discover an unforeseen truth that threatens to break her already fragile bond with her father.

Special Jury Award for Outstanding Supporting Performance:

Jacky Jung

In a beautiful debut feature by Christina Lim packed with moving performances, we found Jacky Jung’s portrayal of Da-Young, a recently-arrived teen from Korea to the small town where B-Side: For Taylor takes place, an absolute standout. She fully embodied the complexity of a sudden immigrant high schooler to the U.S. who only wants to be a pop star, a dream her mother finds ridiculous. We are excited to see what Jacky Jung does next. We are awarding her a Special Jury Award for Outstanding Supporting Performance in a Feature Film.