April 21 – 30, 2022

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When and where should I buy tickets?

Box office information

For the first time ever, all of our ticketing and virtual film screening will be done online through Elevent. Therefore, ticketing is quite different than in past festival years. There are some great FAQ answers below to help you with purchasing tickets online!

The box office for all pre-festival sales will be through the riverrunfilm.com website’s film schedule or on individual film pages. During the festival, tickets can be purchased through the riverrunfilm.com website as well as at the screening venue beginning one hour before a particular film’s showtime. This year’s event will be a hybrid of outdoor, drive-in and virtual screenings and panels. We recommend you buy tickets in advance as many screenings will sell out.  However, you may still purchase day-of tickets, if there are any available.

How do I access my in-person screening ticket?

If you purchase a ticket for an in-person event at the Festival, you will need to either print your order confirmation and bring it with you to the event, or you can just display your order confirmation email to the volunteers at the event space and they will check your name off of the registration list. If you want to purchase tickets at the door, you may do so as long as the film screening has not already reached capacity.

How do I access my virtual ticket?

You will receive two emails from RiverRun.

  1. order confirmation this is sent at the time of purchase
  2. virtual access this email is your virtual ticket and will be sent one hour before the film is available to watch, unless you purchased your ticket after the film was already publicly available, in which case, you will have received this within minutes of your first order confirmation email.

This second virtual access email also displays your 9-digit voucher code. You don’t need to enter this code to access the film on the online screening portal, but this will be required if you have Roku or Apple TV and prefer to watch the film directly on your TV (see Technical FAQ for more info).

You can also access your virtual ticket by logging into your Elevent account, which you will have already created in order to purchase your ticket. Click “view order” at the top of the page once you’ve logged in and from there you’ll see your order confirmation, voucher code, and a blue “View on RiverRun International Film Festival” button if/when the film is available to watch.

I can’t locate my virtual access email.

Search your inbox for RiverRun’s name or donotreply@mail.goelevent.com. Remember to check your “other,” spam or junk folders.

How do I watch the film I bought a ticket to?

The second virtual access email you have or will receive includes a “view” button, which links directly to the film on RiverRun’s online screening portal. NOTE: the “view” button will only be visible and active once the film is available to watch, according to the start date and time.

Can I watch the movie on my TV? Is there an App for the screening portal?

If you have Roku or Apple TV, you can search for and download the Elevent TV app. Be sure to search for “Elevent TV,” including space. See the Technical FAQ link listed below for more details.

How do I know when the film is available to watch?

The date and time when the film is available is noted in your first order confirmation email. It’s also included on the RiverRun’s Virtual Search Page, which you can access by visiting https://www.goelevent.com/RiverRun/e/Search.

How long is the film available to watch?

Most films are available for 72 hours unless otherwise communicated.

NOTE: If you purchase your ticket on the last day that a film is available, be aware that the 72-hour availability period may not apply depending on how late in the day you have purchased your ticket; most films come off the screening portal at midnight on the listed end date.

Can I pause/stop the film and finish it later or rewatch the movie?

Yes, so long you do so with the 72-hour period or availability duration as noted.

I bought tickets to different films. Will multiple virtual tickets be included in the same email?

No. You will receive a different “virtual access” email including a unique voucher code for each film you purchased a ticket to.

NOTE: different films may have different start dates and times; you will receive your various “virtual access” emails accordingly and one hour before each film becomes available on the screening portal.

Can I gift my ticket to someone else by forwarding them my “virtual access” email?

Unfortunately not. Your ticket is linked to your Elevent account and is viewable on one device only. If you are interested in purchasing a ticket for someone else you can do so by checking out as a Guest, and entering the intended recipient’s email address at checkout.

And, here are in-depth technical FAQs that are very helpful as well https://goelevent.reamaze.com/articles/virtual-events-faq

Can I still get into an in-person screening if it’s sold out?

RiverRun encourages its patrons to purchase tickets as early as possible, as many screenings sell out before the Festival even starts.  In the event of a sold-out show, it is still sometimes possible to obtain a ticket by arriving at the screening venue an hour before the show starts and standing in the waitlist line.  While RiverRun makes sure to extend every possible courtesy to our patrons, attending a film festival is not like attending a movie at the local multiplex. Approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of the films, if any empty seats remain, the theatre staff will begin selling tickets to the people in the waitlist line on a first-come, first-served basis. It is our objective to fill each and every seat during the festival so if seats are still empty 15 min prior to start, they will be sold to the waitlist line.  To ensure that you get a seat at a screening for which you have purchased a ticket, we suggest arriving at the venue at least 45 minutes early.  In the event that you purchased a ticket and are turned away because the show is sold out, RiverRun will exchange your ticket for another of equal value.

How can a virtual screening be sold out?

Some may ask how we can have a sold-out show when so many of the films are being screened virtually. We want to make sure audiences understand that just because a film screening is virtual, it doesn’t mean we have an unlimited number of tickets to sell because filmmakers want to make sure their films are protected. Many of these are brand new films, and filmmakers want to make sure they can share them more widely with other audiences as well. For our in-person events we are also limited by COVID-19 precautions or space. If you want to purchase tickets at the “door” of the event, you may do so, as long as the film screening has not already reached capacity.

So, because there are a limited amount of tickets available for all of the screenings, please make sure and get your tickets early!

What is geoblocking?

Again, because of limitations with availability of various films, some of the virtual screenings will only be available to patrons in the United States or, for some, only residents of North Carolina. Each of these films will be clearly marked so you will know before you buy a ticket.

What is RiverRun’s ratings system?

RiverRun is committed to presenting outstanding independent films not yet available in wide release. Therefore, most of the films we screen are not yet rated by the Motion Picture Association of America. So, in an effort to help you choose great films for yourself and your family, each of our film listings include a short content rating denoting any potentially troubling content, as well as one of these general content symbols.

MT – Mature Significant mature content
TN – Teen+ May have some mature content
FM – Family Friendly Suitable for children as young as 8

In-Person Screening Venues & Parking Information

Marketplace Cinemas (Drive-In)
2095 Peters Creek Parkway

SECCA (Outdoor screenings)
750 Marguerite Drive

Kilpatrick, Townsend & Stockton LLP (Outdoor screening)
1001 West 4th Street

The Ramkat (Outdoor Screening)
170 West 9th Street

Bailey Park (Outdoor Screenings)
445 Patterson Ave.

The Winston Cup Museum (Outdoor Screening)
1355 N Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.

RED Cinemas (Outdoor Screening)
1305 Battleground Ave., Greensboro, NC 27408