In anticipation of National Autism Awareness Day, we present this exclusive opportunity to see the film Drought, a homegrown, NC-based film originally selected to screen as part of RiverRun 2020! Tickets are available for pre-sale now, and the film screens one day only on March 26th, 2021. Join us and get a sneak-peek under the hood of the virtual screening system that will be part of our upcoming 2021 festival experience!

Synopsis: It’s 1993 and the south is experiencing the worst drought in history. However, Carl, who is on the autism spectrum, is fascinated by weather and predicting a storm to hit west of his small town. In hopes of creating a better life for Carl, his sister Sam decides that they will chase the storm by stealing their mother’s ice cream truck. Unexpectedly, they are joined by their best friend Lewis and estranged older sister, Lillian where they learn about family, forgiveness, and following your dreams. Directed by Hannah Black and Megan Petersen. **NOTE** the film will be available for ticket purchasers to view for 72 hours

When: 3/26
Where: online–pre-sale tickets available now here:

Curious to know more? Check out our exclusive, spoiler-free conversation with co-directors and co-stars of Drought, Hannah Black and Megan Petersen below!