Animated Shorts – Program Two

Titles in this program include: An Ostrich Told Me the World is Fake and I Think I Believe It; Five Cents; Frydenlund Hair Parlour; Loop; Mia; Object of Life; Paddy; There You Are; Unforgotten; and Yallah!.

Sponsored by: Zaloo’s Canoes

An Ostrich Told Me the World is Fake and I Think I Believe It

Directed by: Lachlan Pendragon
When a young telemarketer is confronted by a mysterious talking ostrich, he learns that the universe is stop motion animation. He must put aside his dwindling toaster sales and focus on convincing his colleagues of his terrifying discovery. It’s scary business living in a stop motion world, where your faces come off and a giant hand controls your every move.
11 min / Australia / 2021 / English
Rating: MT

Five Cents

Directed by: Aaron Hughes
A consumer finds himself in over his head after a string of purchases go out of control. Drawn by hand on thousands of market data pages from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and the Financial Times with ink, white-out, gouache paint, gold leaf, and other materials.
5 min / USA / 2022 / English
Rating: TN

Frydenlund Hair Parlour

Directed by: Hanne Berkaak
A WW2 story focusing on hair, not heroes. Five siblings and their hair parlor offer women of the small Norwegian town Narvik a sense of normality in the midst of madness and despair.
14 min / Norway & Belgium / 2021 / Norwegian
Rating: MT


Directed by: Pablo Polledri
In this society, each human being repeats the same action over and over again. In this society, each human being repeats the same action over and over again. In this society, each human being repeats the same action over and over again.
8 min / Spain / 2021 / n/a
Rating: MT


Directed by: Ryoichi Mori
Judy, who is now old and living in an institution, suddenly feels different when she sees her husband Nick, who visits her every day. She tries to remember something.
13 min / Japan / 2021 / n/a
Rating: TN

Object of Life

Directed by: Jack Parry
The Object of Life is a joyful marriage of music and motion. Every push, every gesture, every pulse, synchronized, resonating, and connected with the powerful music of Fanfare Ciocărlia, finding meaning through the intoxicating dance of absurd pointlessness.
3 min / Australia / 2021 / English
Rating: MT


Directed by: Haoran Zhou
Is there always an answer up there? To find his favorite toy, a little scarecrow starts on an adventure. Along the way, he encounters a lot of strange sights: a lost paradise, a tide of immigration, an assembly line, a parade…
15 min / China / 2021 / n/a
Rating: MT

There You Are

Directed by: Rui Huang
After the death of her mom, Su feels estranged from her father. In honoring their traditional family camping trip on his birthday, she hopes to reconnect with him. But when her father cancels it in deference to his new girlfriend, Su is forced to deal with her unresolved grief.
6 min / USA / 2021 / English
Rating: TN


Directed by: Sujin Kim
During World War II, numerous girls and women were lured by fake promises to the Comfort Stations around the world where they were forced into sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army. Half a century later, the surviving victims in South Korea decided to give their testimonies to the world.
8 min / Republic of Korea & USA / 2021 / Korean
Rating: MT


Directed by: Cécile Adant, Renaud de Saint Albin, Candice Behague, Nayla Nassar, Edouard Pitula & Anaïs Sassatelli
Beirut, 1982. As Nicolas prepares to flee his hometown, torn apart by an endless civil war, he crosses the path of Naji, a reckless teenager determined to go to the swimming pool. Trying to protect the young man, Nicolas finds himself pulled into a surreal race against war, all for the mere freedom of going swimming.
7 min / France / 2021 / n/a
Rating: TN
*program total runtime 90 min



1:30 PM — UNCSA / Main Theatre

5:00 PM — Hanesbrands Theatre




RUN TIME: 90 Minutes