Guillermo Casarin

Itzel, a young girl of Mayan descent, goes on a camping trip with her father deep in the jungle. As they stargaze together, Itzel’s curiosity leads her to wander off and explore. While wandering, she discovers a jaguar in captivity and, without hesitation, frees the majestic animal. However, their escape is short-lived. While trying to escape, she stumbles upon a mysterious lost Mayan city and experiences a vision of the city’s glory days, guided by a magical jaguar, called Balam.


Student Film – USC.

Presented as Part Of Films with Class: Elementary School

Camp Kona

A lonely kid makes an unexpected friend when he’s forced to attend a summer camp with a dark secret. ...
6 min | Adriel Meka | | English
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On the road to her family vacation, Olivia, a 10-year-old girl hooked on her phone and social media, is abando...
6 min | Marine Benabdallah-Crolais, Alexandra Delaunay-Fernandez, Sixtine Emerat, Julie Majcher, Scott Pardailhé-Galabrun, Noémie Segalowicz | | French
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Inbetweening Beings

"Inbetweening Beings" uniquely connects animation and ecology using projected installation, outdoor stop-motio...
5 min | Isaac King | | No Dialogue
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The Legend of Arana

In this comedic fable, seasoned storyteller Mr. P.N.K. Panicker, an elderly gentleman from Kerala, narrates th...
4 min | Adithi Krishnadas | | Malayalam
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LUKi and the Lights

LUKi, a charming and upbeat robot known for living life to the fullest, confronts a life-altering ALS diagnosi...
11 min | Toby Cochran | | English
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The Man Who Loved Flowers

The life of a South Indian man whose love for flowers goes unnoticed. ...
3 min | Sonu Thomas | | English
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So Much More to Offer

Lyndzi uses her own experience of being treated unfairly as a plus-sized person to raise people’s awareness ...
5 min | Cullen Burt, Grant Cosko, Xingyu (Vicky) Gu, Hunter Hartz, Aliiv Jiao, Saleen Lee, Alison Ma, Brisa Parra, Shelby Pine, Lyndzi Ramos, Tricia Saputera, Hanyu Sun, Kaan Ust, Elaine Wong, Rosemary Wu, Ella Zhou | | English
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