Aiden Siobhan

“Bestseller” is a revealing exploration of the “New York Times’” Bestsellers List, examining the myths and realities of the list’s curation and its impact on diversity in the publishing industry.


Student Film – UNCSA.

Presented as Part Of North Carolina Shorts, Program One: Documentaries

Bite of Bénin

For Raleigh, North Carolina chef Adé Carrena, who was adopted from her homeland of Bénin at the tender age o...
36 min | Brad Herring, Adé Carrena | | English, French
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Elwell Ferry

The patterns and rhythms of a workday with Betty Rose Dolce, the operator of a small ferry carrying locals acr...
15 min | Dave Monahan | | English
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It’s Okay

In this vérité short, set in Charlotte, NC, we step into the experience of two young brothers in this quiet ...
10 min | David France | | English
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This short documentary centers on Black-led wellness + justice collective UMOJA and the H.O.P.E for the Future...
13 min | Joshua Overbay | | English
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