BIPOC Film Program: Sudanese Cinema Now


Suzannah Mirghani, Hashim Hassan

RiverRun’s inaugural BIPOC Fellow, Fatima Wardy, hosts a filmmaker discussion on Sudanese filmmaking. Sudan has a rich cinematic history, and while there have been fiction and nonfiction projects made in Sudan before, the present is the first time that so many films have been produced in such a short period with international success. The passion that this generation of artists has displayed in the making of these films in the face of extreme difficulty is something worth celebrating while recognizing that a new movement in Sudanese cinema has arrived.


Fatima Wardy is a Sudanese filmmaker who works across fiction and nonfiction mediums. Currently, she is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Film and Media Production at the University of Texas at Austin. Wardy’s body of work examines the experience of belonging to a diaspora, and how displacement manifests in the daily lives of immigrants. Community, heritage, and generational knowledge exchange are recurring themes in the stories she tells. Wardy will be joined by filmmaker Mamdooh Salih for a discussion on the status and future of Sudanese filmmaking.






The panel will follow a screening of two short Sudanese films, “Al-Sit” and “A Handful of Dates.”

Presented in Multiple Parts


In a cotton-farming village in Sudan, 15-year-old Nafisa has a crush on Babiker, but her parents have arranged...
20 min | Suzannah Mirghani | | Arabic
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A Handful of Dates

A spirited young village boy must learn the painful truth behind his grandfather's fortune and another farmer'...
15 min | Hashim Hassan | | Arabic
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