Kameishia D. Wooten

Three very different friends find a renewed connection as they await pregnancy results at their Los Angeles high school.

Presented as Part Of North Carolina Shorts, Program Two: Narratives

Brenda Gets Gaslit

Brenda Donaldson is a regular gal, living in a regular world, until one day she experiences a pain so intense ...
14 min | Jessica Vitkin | | English
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The Entire Lifespan of a Mayfly

When Jimmy gets stood up on a first date, to his surprise, the dating app sets him up with a substitute date w...
13 min | Samip Raval | | English
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Left by their mother to fend for themselves, two siblings in Iowa learn to live by their own code, until a cho...
13 min | Kaitlyn Busbee | | English
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Mila and Imran

As competition rises between German and Turkish street vendors, they must form an unlikely alliance to help ma...
8 min | Clara Hirata | | English
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Two teenagers get caught trespassing in a bizarre and personal world....
11 min | Hugo Acevedo, Maximilian Schmidt | | English
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A lonely veterinary technician struggles to stop drinking on the job and stealing pills from the animals she c...
12 min | Abigail Holland | | English
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Two childhood friends reconnect in early adulthood over a skateboard lesson, unintentionally examining how lif...
6 min | Peyton Michelle Edwards | | English
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Strawberry Mouthwash

A teenage girl clings to the memory of her troubled older sister through memories triggered by objects in thei...
7 min | Mackenzie Marsteller | | English
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Survived By

A newly orphaned kid dodging the foster care system spends a magical evening with a sock puppet, hoping to unp...
12 min | K.D. Chalk | | English
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To make the leap into space, astronaut Ben Fletcher must leave behind a life that could have been....
13 min | L.M. Oliver | | English
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