Distant Voices, Still Lives

The second film in British auteur Terence Davies’ autobiographical series, Distant Voices, Still Lives is an impressionistic view of a working-class family in 1940s and 1950s Liverpool. Based on Davies’ own family, the film is an affecting photo album of a troubled family wrestling with the complexity of love. This screening will feature a conversation with film writer Michael Koresky, cofounder of the online film magazine Reverse Shot.  Koresky is the author of the book Terence Davies for the University of Illinois Press, as well as the staff writer at the Criterion Collection. His writing has also appeared in Film Comment, The American Interest, Cinema ScopeSight & Sound, and the Village Voice.  Film print from the collection of the UNCSA Moving Image Archives.

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Director: Terence Davies

Country: UK

Year: 1988

Running Time: 85 minutes

Rating: PG-13



Genres: Archive Film, Drama, Free Screening, Narrative Feature

Program/Section: From the Archives




2:00pm April 25   |   UNCSA Babcock   |   FREE SCREENING