Documentary Ethics: What Happens to Subjects When the Cameras Stop Rolling?


In conjunction with a screening of the documentary “Subject,” RiverRun is pleased to host a panel examining the important question of documentary ethics pertaining to the effects a film can have on its subjects. Unpacking the responsibility inherent in documentary filmmaking, “Subject” puts some of the most successful documentary films of the past three decades under the microscope revealing the impact their commercial success has had on the lives of the onscreen participants.

Featuring Arthur Agee, a participant in “Subject” and in the critically acclaimed film “Hoop Dreams,” and Peter Gilbert, Producer and Director of Cinematography for “Hoop Dreams,” the panel discussion will offer insight into the filmmaker-participant relationship and what it means to be a participant in a documentary during the filmmaking process and long after. Special Guests: Arther Agee (“Hoop Dreams”) and Peter Gilbert, Creative Director and Outreach Professor of Practice, Wake Forest University Documentary Film Program, and Producer and Director of Cinematography for “Hoop Dreams.”