Documentary Shorts: Program 2


Titles in this program include: About Memory and Loss, Breaking Silence, A Chocolate Lens, The Foundry, In the Bubble with Jaime, Ukrainians in Exile, and Wild Magnolias.



About Memory and Loss

Capture, document, record, share, restart. We are making ourselves more memorable than ever by archiving every bit of our daily lives. What if we lost something along the way? Directed by: Amélie Hardy





Breaking Silence

A portrait of a Deaf activist and his formerly incarcerated daughter, who build new bonds through their experiences in the criminal justice system. Directed by: Amy Bench & Annie Silverstein





A Chocolate Lens

How do you take a picture and tell a whole story? A Chocolate Lens chronicles Steven Cummings’s photographic journey through a disappearing Black Washington. His approach was simple: use the camera lens to find the power amidst the storm. His images are a love letter to Black people across America. Directed by: Gabriel Veras




The Foundry

A shift at a metal foundry provides the basis for a meditation of life as a pressure machine. Shot on 16mm film, this meditative piece makes the viewer reflect on work and life. Directed by: Robert Machoian







In the Bubble with Jaime

In South Carolina, African American Jaime Harrison takes on Republican incumbent Lindsey Graham to run for US Senate. But what happens when the COVID epidemic sets in? In a state with one of the largest African American populations in the United States, Harrison must face not only a global pandemic but a legacy of racial injustice that makes winning an uphill battle. Directed by: Emily Harrold




Ukrainians in Exile

Two-time Academy Award winner Janusz Kaminski presents a documentary that follows Anya, a woman residing in Ukraine during the early stages of the war, who tells her story and contemplates how countries will treat her fellow Ukrainians who were forced to flee. Directed by: Janek Ambros





Wild Magnolias

Corey, Alvon, and JaCorey, the teenage proteges of barber Chief Bo Dollis Jr., learn the virtues of being a Mardi Gras Indian, a tradition in New Orleans that guides the youth community through mentorship, artistic expression, and cultural practice. Directed by: Alexandra Kern