Documentary Shorts, Program One

Yannick Jamey, Christopher Stoudt, Andrés Lira, Geeta Gandbhir, Jacob Krupnick, Darian Woehr, Andy Sarjahani

Titles in this program include: The Big Wait; The Orchestra Chuck Built; Primero, Sueño; Reclaim; Then Comes the Body; We Exist in Memory; and Wild Hogs and Saffron.


Sponsored by the Greene Hall Family.

Presented in Multiple Parts

The Big Wait

A remote desert town, with a population of two, is kept in pristine condition waiting for visitors who never s...
15 min | Yannick Jamey | | English
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The Orchestra Chuck Built

In 2016, the League of American Orchestras conducted a study that revealed a shocking statistic: only 1.8% of ...
23 min | Christopher Stoudt | | English
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Primero, Sueño

An insight into the working lives of undocumented farmworkers in America and their experiences with migration,...
17 min | Andrés Lira | | Spanish
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Two young brothers in Hawai’i express their deep connection to their culture, language, and land by dedicati...
26 min | Geeta Gandbhir | | North American Premiere | English, Hawaiian
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Then Comes the Body

"Then Comes the Body" is a short documentary about underdogs, globalism, and dance. It starts with Daniel Ajal...
15 min | Jacob Krupnick | | English
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We Exist in Memory

How do you rebuild "home" from nothing but memories? This vérité-style film brings audiences into intimate c...
13 min | Darian Woehr | | English, Spanish
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Wild Hogs and Saffron

Iranian American filmmaker Andy Sarjahani and his childhood friend Bubba Samuels go on a wild hog hunt in thei...
19 min | Andy Sarjahani | | English
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