Documentary Shorts, Program Two

Carol Bash, Lindsey Dryden, Majiye Uchibeke, Molly O’Brien, Diane Fredel Weis, Thomas Southerland, Naomi Uechi

Titles in this program include: Blueprint for My People; The Callers; I am More Dangerous Dead; The Only Girl in the Orchestra; To Myself, With Love: The Bessie Stringfield Story; and Window Treatment.


Sponsored by the Greene Hall Family.

Presented in Multiple Parts

Blueprint for My People

This artistic short film illuminates the African-American experience by lyrically interweaving spoken-word nar...
10 min | Carol Bash | | English
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The Callers

In this inspired short film, director Lindsey Dryden combines anonymous documentary testimony with imagined cr...
18 min | Lindsey Dryden | | World Premiere | English
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I Am More Dangerous Dead

The story of a man largely unknown in the West, but who is a household name and hero to Nigerians. Ken Saro Wi...
24 min | Majiye Uchibeke | | English
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The Only Girl in the Orchestra

87-year-old Orin O’Brien never wanted the spotlight, but by being the first woman hired by the New York Phil...
35 min | Molly O'Brien | | English
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To Myself, With Love: The Bessie Stringfield Story

This is the first film about trailblazer Bessie Stringfield, a story about how the first Black woman of motorc...
24 min | Diane Fredel Weis | | English
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Window Treatment

The long-standing American military occupation of Okinawa is poetically explored in this essay film about an e...
11 min | Thomas Southerland, Naomi Uechi | | World Premiere | Japanese
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