Films with Class: Elementary School

Teaching through film. RiverRun recognizes the unique and critical role arts education plays in reaching students in and outside the classroom. Titles in this program include: Candlelight, HAM, Hello to Me in 100 Years, I Am From Palestine, Pirouette, The Social Chameleon, and Witchfairy.


This program will only be available virtually April 17-22.




In a dusty attic, a tall dinner candle springs to life. While exploring, the playful and curious candle discovers a second candle. The candles play and dance their way through the attic, falling in love. Shockingly, both candles realize that the heat from their combined flames causes them to rapidly melt. They must confront whether life without the other can still be magical, or will they sacrifice everything for love? Directed by: Scott Newton





The year is 1961 and Ham, a chimpanzee, has been chosen to represent earth as the first ape in space, but a malfunction aboard his ship threatens his return home. Directed by: Rudy Martinez





Hello to Me in 100 Years

What was Taiwan like 100 years ago? What will it be like 100 years from now? Maybe there will be flying cars and machines doing all the work. Maybe we will live under the sea or in space. Explore these questions in this spirited film! Directed by: Wu-Ching Chang





I Am From Palestine

As Saamidah, a young Palestinian American girl, anxiously starts her first day of school, she finds her identity in question when faced with a world map that doesn’t include her homeland. Directed by: Iman Zawahry






A metal ballerina is standing on a turning platform supported by a frame inside a music box. Suddenly her support breaks, her music box closes, and the ballerina finds herself in a strange world. Directed by: Ciara Borgards




The Social Chameleon

Cosmo the chameleon doesn’t fit in with the other animals. Try though he might, he just can’t seem to find his place in the jungle. He meets another chameleon who shows him how to live by his own true colors and everything changes! Directed by: Alex Ross






What a boring life in the fairytale castle where fairies must smile and be cautious and silent. How nice it would be to be a witch who flies on brooms, screams, laughs, and gets dirty. Young fairy Rosemary decides to venture into the woods in search of this life! Directed by: Cedric Igodt & David Van de Weyer





RUN TIME: 58 Minutes