North Carolina Shorts – Narratives

Titles in this shorts program include: Almost a Jingle; Alone Together; Birds, Bees, and Threes; Deepwater Sponger; Jazmin; The Mourner; and Shadowboxing.

Sponsored by: Nelson Mullins

Almost a Jingle

Directed by: Bishen Sen
A struggling jingle writer befriends a nurse after a failed suicide attempt.
15 min / USA / 2021 / English
Rating: MT

Alone Together

Directed by: Zoe Chen
In this short animated film, a couple sit in their apartment in silence, after a fight, and battle their own anxiety within themselves.
4 min / USA / 2021 / English
Rating: MT

Birds, Bees and Threes

Directed by: Paige Hullett & Margaux Calla Susi
Julia’s trusted triplet support group leader expresses the importance of teaching their children about sex by the age of eight, comically following Julia and Andy and their triplet daughters as they all attempt to digest their embarrassment, shock, and confusion after “the talk.”
12 min / USA / 2021 / English
Rating: MT

Deepwater Sponger

Directed by: Connor Ryan
In an alternate 1927 destroyed by pollution, a diver ventures into the Earth’s mysterious ocean to find its last cache of fresh water and save humankind. His treacherous descent brings him face to face with untold horrors, forcing him to decide how much he’s willing to sacrifice for the sake of the mission.
17 min / USA / 2021 / English
Rating: MT


Directed by: Jo Hatcher
After the disappearance of her younger sister, Jamila finds herself in an unknown world. While searching for her sister, she not only stumbles upon magic within the world but ultimately within herself.
13 min / USA / 2021 / English
Rating: MT

Mourner, The

Directed by: Daniel Mercer & Matthew Vermilyea
Lonnie Walker finds lonely work as a professional mourner at sparsely attended funerals. But when he meets the granddaughter of the recently deceased, he sees an opportunity to set his life on a new path.
18 min / USA / 2021 / English
Rating: MT


Directed by: Zander Heiselman
Fighting in an underground MMA league a talented, young fighter named Miles and his coercive father have dreams of being the best in the sport. After Miles believes he’s accidentally killed one of his opponents, he struggles to confront his father who is pressuring him to continue fighting while neglecting his emotions.
12 min / USA / 2021 / English
Rating: MT
*program total runtime 91 min



8:00 PM — SECCA



RUN TIME: 91 Minutes