How to Get Your Parents to Divorce

Sandrine Brodeur-Desrosiers

Justine believes that she will be happier once her parents divorce. The only problem is that they have no intention of doing so. Tired of the bickering at home since her mother’s miscarriage, Justine rallies her friends to create their own court. Her plan will not go as planned, and she will have to learn to communicate her pain so that harmony can return. Preceded by the short film “Three Grains of Salt.”



Three Grains of Salt

Two sisters, aged 8 and 5 hang out alone at home, in the middle of the country side. Elsa, the youngest swallows three grains of coarse salt. Judith announces to her that she’s doomed to a death by desiccation. She only has a few hours to live, when the return of their mother with her ardent and feverish behaviour, turns the family destiny upside down. Directed by: Ingrid Chikhaoui