In the Shadow of the Cypress


Hossein Molayemi, Shirin Sohani

A former captain, suffering from PTSD, lives an isolated, harsh life with his daughter in a humble house located by the sea. Despite the captain’s deep desire to be a devoted and caring father, he finds himself unable to fulfill his role and connect with his daughter. One morning, their lives change forever. Whether this event proves to be a newfound source of hope or an additional burden remains to be seen.

Presented as Part Of Animated Shorts, Program Two

A Cow in the Sky

On his first solo flight as a pilot, a young immigrant finds himself wrestling with his identity when his engi...
12 min | C. Fraser Press, Darren Press | | English
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A Ferris Wheel in the Desert

During a family dinner, a young woman recounts her experience as a member of an organization providing humanit...
10 min | Lénaïg Le Moigne | | French
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Lake Baikal (Baigal Nuur)

The formation and history of Lake Baikal in Siberia are re-imagined with hand-made animation, featuring the vo...
9 min | Alisi Telengut | | Mongolian
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My Vagina

PTA President Keli Pam Convoy is the perfect mother who does everything perfectly except this one little thing...
4 min | Shannon Burkett, Neil Burns | | English
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Paumo D’amour

Instead of giving his wife the attention she deserves, Dédé gives all his love to his vegetable garden. One ...
6 min | Luka Croisez, Ian Halley, Nathan Hermouet, Jade Van De Veire, Laurène Vaubourdolle | | French
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Seasons is a metaphor of life—just like the never-ending turn of seasons, our lives, together with their ups...
15 min | Xin Li | | No Dialogue
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The Sun Is Bad

In Hong Kong during the late '80s, an angry girl sets out to destroy the sun as he wrecks and melts her city. ...
3 min | Rachel Mow | | Yue Chinese (Cantonese)
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Think Something Nice

At the mercy of the dentist's chair, the protagonist cannot escape the confrontation with pain and the dregs o...
6 min | Claudius Gentinetta | | English
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Wander to Wonder

Mary, Billybud, and Fumbleton are three miniature, human actors who perform in an '80s kids TV series called "...
14 min | Nina Gantz | | Dutch, English
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