Luigi Abanto

Miguel is a camera repair technician. One day, an old Voightländer camera comes into his hands to repair. When he turns it on, he discovers that the camera captures the presence of a woman who lives in the same space and time as Miguel, although in another dimension.

Presented as Part Of Narrative Shorts, Program One: Experimental Thinking

The Ghost

A woman is ghosted by the man she's dating... and then the haunting begins....
11 min | Allyson Morgan | | English
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Would You?

If I turned into a worm, would you still love me?...
6 min | Autumn Palen | | English
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Game, Interrupted

1979, Turkey: While the mood on the streets of capital Ankara is charged with tension shortly before the milit...
15 min | Ilayda Iseri | | Turkish
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Order for Pickup

Trapped in a cycle of work and self-isolation, burnt-out Kelsey’s reality starts to blur until an irregular ...
12 min | Jackie! Zhou | | English
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In an Orderly Fashion

Weaving old home videos with a fictional narrative, "In an Orderly Fashion" is a dark dramedy about a nurse wh...
14 min | Adrian Cardenas Rubio | | English, Spanish
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"Toast" is an exercise in shutting down the frontal lobe during the writing process in hopes of catching light...
5 min | Douglas Young Riggs | | English
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The Steak

A birthday ceremony preparation turns upside down as something horrible takes place....
8 min | Kiarash Dadgar Mohebi | | No Dialogue
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In the city of Nowhere, shadows dream of a life without their human masters....
12 min | Garin Hovannisian | | No Dialogue
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She Sings

Aziza finally shares a recurring dream that takes her on a surreal journey through the post-industrial hills o...
15 min | Ahmed T Ragheb, Lily Ekimian Ragheb | | Arabic, English
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