Late Night Shorts

Titles in this program include: Ashkasha, Bleep, First Time, God Level, Good Boy!, Incomplete, Jacques, MIRRORMIRROR, Old Tricks, Scam, The Ugly Rug, and When You Wish Upon A Star.


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Ashkasha is a living being guided by curiosity. This causes her to lose her head and get trapped in the depths, where she is submerged on a discovery journey. Directed by: Lara Maltz







A couple’s relationship is pushed to the brink as they investigate a strange noise that woke them in the night. Directed by: Ben S. Hyland





First Time

Lucas is about to meet his girlfriend’s parents for the first time. As he rings the doorbell, he receives a text from her saying she’s going to be late. The door opens and he is faced with her unsettling parents. Unleashing his anxieties, the evening makes him question his relationship. Directed by: Nicolas Block




God Level

Laura, a whimsical 16-year-old teenager, is in love with her young and attractive religion teacher and will experience an excessive spiritual awakening that will lead her to lose her mind. Directed by: César Tormo






Good Boy!

Regrettable consequences follow when a greedy boy refuses to share a treat with his hungry dog. Directed by: Daniel Robert Hope







Evan’s sister went out of her way to rent him a house, in a bougie-ass suburban neighborhood so he could serve the remainder of his sentence in the Jail Diversion Program on house arrest. When his breathalyzer machine starts to act strange, the Polaroid pictures it routinely prints suggest that Evan is not alone. Evan must decide to either stay and face his fears or end up serving his remaining time in jail. Directed by: Zoey Martinson





When an adorable cockapoo is savagely kicked out, Charlie, an eccentric French girl who lives alone in the middle of the desert, takes him in and names him Jacques. Charlie shows Jacques a love he’s never known, and the two of them become inseparable. That is, until Charlie gets a new boyfriend. Suddenly, this guy is eating all of Jacques’ food! Sleeping in Jacques’ bed! Making love to Jacques’ woman! Jacques isn’t exactly sure what to do, but one thing is for certain … the boyfriend has to go. Directed by: Charlie Bellarose





A chance encounter on a lonesome road, late at night, leads a woman to discover that she’s not quite who she thought she was. Directed by: Björn Rühmann







Old Tricks

Grandma and Grandpa always loved their tranquil life in the apartment, enjoying the calm days, content. But in these times of isolation, where the difference between home and prison is hard to see, a long-forgotten feeling arises again: boredom. And boredom can be a very dangerous matter… Directed by: Viktor Ivanov & Edoardo Pasquini






When a phone scammer makes one last late-night call, the woman on the other end gives her much more than she bargained for. Directed by: Julie Sharbutt






The Ugly Rug

A newlywed couple feels the static as they move into a new house together. Directed by: Michael Vincent Brown











When You Wish Upon a Star

The tooth-mouse moves quietly in the darkness of people’s homes. The nature of his works compels him to hide from humans. But all this secrecy unleashes in him an existential thought: “how can something exist if no one ever sees it?” Directed by: Domenico Modafferi





RUN TIME: 98 Minutes