Late Night Shorts

Thavin Vongpatanasin, Giselle Bonilla, Eli Powers, Michael Bartolomeo, Derek Cuneo, Kate Monig, Sumner McMurtry, Tyler Savage, Destinee Stewart, Dimitri Simakis, Lorena Lourenco

Titles in this program include: The Bubby Bear Show; The Bullfighter; Exuma; Fed; Inner Freak; Lemon-Aid; Oddities; The Other Partners; The Rainbow Bridge; and Stitched.



Presented in Multiple Parts

The Bubby Bear Show

In this episode of "The Bubby Bear Show," Bubby introduces the alphabet until a sinister figure appears. Bubby...
2 min | Thavin Vongpatanasin | | English
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The Bullfighter

A farcical comedy about an ex-bullfighter who gets a job as a flag-waving parking attendant to stage a redempt...
17 min | Giselle Bonilla | | English, Spanish
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A young man working at an asphalt plant has a near-death experience that alters his perception of reality....
11 min | Eli Powers | | English
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In this stop-motion fantasy tale, a talented chef meets her match when a mysteriously implacable food critic v...
9 min | Michael Bartolomeo | | English
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Inner Freak

Gray is a socially awkward and sexually repressed 20-something chick. No matter how hard she tries to ignore i...
5 min | Kate Monig, Derek Cuneo | | English
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When a seemingly innocent lemonade stand materializes in a suburban front yard, the once-tranquil neighborhood...
16 min | Sumner McMurtry | | English
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When a drugged-out duo attempts to rob an antique store, they realize the older woman running the shop isn't a...
15 min | Tyler Savage | | English
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The Other Partners

While preparing for their first dinner party together, Rowyn’s boyfriend, Raj, discovers her dildo in a kitc...
9 min | Destinee Stewart | United States | English
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The Rainbow Bridge (LNS)

Tina and her elderly dog visit a mysterious clinic offering human-to-pet communication. However, they soon get...
13 min | Dimitri Simakis | | English
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A South Asian diasporic woman, tired of dating people who can’t keep up with her mutable cultural identity, ...
16 min | Lorena Lourenco | | English, Hindi, Tamil
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10:00 PM — Hanesbrands Theatre


Apr 29, 12:00 AM — May 6, 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST)