Narrative Shorts, Program One: Experimental Thinking


Allyson Morgan, Autumn Palen, Ilayda Iseri, Jackie! Zhou, Luigi Abanto, Adrian Cardenas Rubio, Douglas Young Riggs, Kiarash Dadgar Mohebi, Garin Hovannisian, Ahmed T. Ragheb, Lily Ekimian Ragheb

Titles in this program include: The Ghost; Would You?; Game, Interrupted; Order for Pickup; Ivania; In an Orderly Fashion; Toast; The Steak; Nowhere; and She Sings.

Presented in Multiple Parts

The Ghost

A woman is ghosted by the man she's dating... and then the haunting begins....
11 min | Allyson Morgan | | English
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Would You?

If I turned into a worm, would you still love me?...
6 min | Autumn Palen | | English
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Game, Interrupted

1979, Turkey: While the mood on the streets of capital Ankara is charged with tension shortly before the milit...
15 min | Ilayda Iseri | | Turkish
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Order for Pickup

Trapped in a cycle of work and self-isolation, burnt-out Kelsey’s reality starts to blur until an irregular ...
12 min | Jackie! Zhou | | English
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Miguel is a camera repair technician. One day, an old Voightländer camera comes into his hands to repair. Whe...
12 min | Luigi Abanto | | Spanish
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In an Orderly Fashion

Weaving old home videos with a fictional narrative, "In an Orderly Fashion" is a dark dramedy about a nurse wh...
14 min | Adrian Cardenas Rubio | | English, Spanish
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"Toast" is an exercise in shutting down the frontal lobe during the writing process in hopes of catching light...
5 min | Douglas Young Riggs | | English
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The Steak

A birthday ceremony preparation turns upside down as something horrible takes place....
8 min | Kiarash Dadgar Mohebi | | No Dialogue
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In the city of Nowhere, shadows dream of a life without their human masters....
12 min | Garin Hovannisian | | No Dialogue
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She Sings

Aziza finally shares a recurring dream that takes her on a surreal journey through the post-industrial hills o...
15 min | Ahmed T Ragheb, Lily Ekimian Ragheb | | Arabic, English
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