North Carolina Shorts, Program 1: Documentaries

Titles in this program include: Becoming Yamazushi, Chicken Soup for the Soil, I’m the Girl – The Story of a Photograph, In the Rearview, Jacob’s First Mandolin, Making Waves: The Cocoa Cinnamon Story, and Vote Yes for Asheboro.


Sponsored by Nelson Mullins.



Becoming Yamazushi

A son honoring family legacy discovers how art can be a champion for healing, lost history, and cultural liberation, as he takes us on the poetic journey of Yamazushi. Directed by: George Yamazawa





Chicken Soup for the Soil

Chicken Soup for the Soil follows the journey of the soil beneath our feet and the efforts of North Carolina farmers Suzanne Nelson and Rachel Herrick to rehabilitate it one pasture at a time. But most unique to this film is that the main cast is not entirely human; the soil and livestock are characters as well. The film depicts the purpose of regenerative farming, which is to restore organic matter and nutrient density to soil destroyed by conventional farming, enabling it to better hold carbon and sequester it from the atmosphere. Both Suzanne’s and Rachel’s missions are to inspire land stewardship and livestock management to help reverse climate change. These are grassroots farms with global impact. Directed by: Brandon Gaesser




I’m the Girl – The Story of a Photograph

The identify of the little girl in a famous photograph from 1951 has remained a mystery for over seventy years. I’M THE GIRL investigates the power of a single image and the women who claim to be her. Directed by: Thomas Southerland





In the Rearview

As two siblings – the filmmaker and her bother – look back on a road trip with their father 20 years ago, they discover their memories have faded, but the feelings they share remain the same. Directed by: Meagan Massa





Jacob’s First Mandolin

A friendly wager on a family fishing trip to Emerald Isle years ago resulted in one boy’s dream come true. That boy, all grown up, turned his dream come true into a career. Directed by: Taylor Sharp





Making Waves: The Cocoa Cinnamon Story

What started as a bicycle cart peddling pourover coffee, a couple’s big dream in North Carolina has flourished into three coffee shops and an award-winning roastery shipping coffee beans around the world. Cocoa Cinnamon, the coffee shop, and Little Waves Coffee, the roastery, are rooted in community as much as they represent a love story growing in the heart of Durham. Directed by: Victoria Bouloubasis & Pilar Timpane




Vote Yes for Asheboro

Local resident Bob Shaffner recounts his efforts in attempting to bring alcohol back to Asheboro, North Carolina. Directed by: Oscar Cranz





RUN TIME: 91 Minutes