North Carolina Shorts, Program 2: Narratives

Titles in this program include: Aloha; The Case of the Parking Lot Murderer; Fireflies Save the Night; First Memory; Food for Wolves; The Forest Women; Gabriela; In the Dead of Light; Origin Story; Pick Up Stick; Piece of Cake; Sammy, Without Strings; and Sonata.


Sponsored by Nelson Mullins.




Kathryn is off to meet Hugo’s familia! Directed by: Burgess Jenkins







The Case of the Parking Lot Murderer

Two friends find themselves trapped in a movie theater parking lot by a bloodthirsty killer. Directed by: Jaiden Sage Douglas






Fireflies Save the Night

Hiding in a bedroom closet, an embattled teenager comforts his younger sister and discusses the purpose of fireflies before finding a solution to his family’s misery. Directed by: A.J. Riggins





First Memory

Memory’s a funny thing. Directed by: Chip Hackler







Food for Wolves

When the funding used to prepare meals for the needy begins to disappear, a volunteer at the organization starts to investigate a local businessman. Directed by: Krista Keisele





The Forest Women

Told through a reimagining of her daughter, a pregnant woman travels through the woods in search of a community of women she doesn’t know actually exists. Directed by: Nell Geer










A young undocumented Guatemalan woman dreams of joining a country club swim team in the American South. Directed by: Evelyn Lorena







In the Dead of Light

A dying man must use his out of body existence to save his life before THE LIGHT takes him. Directed by: Daniel Hamby





Origin Story

In a military controlled, post-apocalyptic future, a lonely woman finds something strange on the beach and decides to conceal it. Directed by: Robert Cummins






Pick Up Stick

The day after he’s been released from the ICU following a diagnosis of Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a rare nervous disorder that has left him unable to walk without the assistance of a cane or wheelchair, Mikey’s friends, family and caregivers do their best to support him. But ultimately, it’s up to Mikey to take the first steps towards recovery. Directed by: Joey Poach





Piece of Cake

Porcelain bride cake toppers Val and Mara journey across the bakery and away from their assigned grooms to be with one another. Directed by: Sophie Feher






Sammy, Without Strings

When a Black puppet named Sammy, performing at the hands of his malevolent Puppeteer, falls in love with a Woman in his audience, he sets his sights on freedom from his strings to live a life of dignity and humanity with her. Directed by: Ralph Parker, III







When a blackout derails a young man’s plans for the perfect first date, he must navigate his nerves, the heat, and a mischievous gang of shadows if he has any hope of connecting with the girl of his dreams. Directed by: Madison Crisp, Abby Davenport, Fern Singleton, Vic Sosa





RUN TIME: 113 Minutes