North Carolina Shorts, Program Two: Narratives


Jessica Vitkin, Kameisha D. Wooten, Samip Raval, Kaitlyn Busbee, Clara Hirata, Hugo Acevedo, Maximilian Schmidt, Abigail Holland, Peyton Michelle Edwards, Mackenzie Marsteller, K.D. Chalk, L.M. Oliver

Titles in this program include: Brenda Gets Gaslit; Choices; The Entire Lifespan of a Mayfly; Layaway; Mila and Imran; Pie; Ruby; Skateboard; Strawberry Mouthwash; Survived By; and T-Minus.



Presented in Multiple Parts

Brenda Gets Gaslit

Brenda Donaldson is a regular gal, living in a regular world, until one day she experiences a pain so intense ...
14 min | Jessica Vitkin | | English
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Three very different friends find a renewed connection as they await pregnancy results at their Los Angeles hi...
13 min | Kameishia D. Wooten | | English
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The Entire Lifespan of a Mayfly

When Jimmy gets stood up on a first date, to his surprise, the dating app sets him up with a substitute date w...
13 min | Samip Raval | | English
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Left by their mother to fend for themselves, two siblings in Iowa learn to live by their own code, until a cho...
13 min | Kaitlyn Busbee | | English
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Mila and Imran

As competition rises between German and Turkish street vendors, they must form an unlikely alliance to help ma...
8 min | Clara Hirata | | English
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Two teenagers get caught trespassing in a bizarre and personal world....
11 min | Hugo Acevedo, Maximilian Schmidt | | English
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A lonely veterinary technician struggles to stop drinking on the job and stealing pills from the animals she c...
12 min | Abigail Holland | | English
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Two childhood friends reconnect in early adulthood over a skateboard lesson, unintentionally examining how lif...
6 min | Peyton Michelle Edwards | | English
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Strawberry Mouthwash

A teenage girl clings to the memory of her troubled older sister through memories triggered by objects in thei...
7 min | Mackenzie Marsteller | | English
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Survived By

A newly orphaned kid dodging the foster care system spends a magical evening with a sock puppet, hoping to unp...
12 min | K.D. Chalk | | English
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To make the leap into space, astronaut Ben Fletcher must leave behind a life that could have been....
13 min | L.M. Oliver | | English
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