Hope Zhu, Rowan Henchy, Parker Beverly, Will Zimmerman

“Welcome(d)” charts the story of two refugees who emigrated from war-torn countries, the difficulties they experienced upon arriving in America, and how ECAR (Every Campus a Refuge) at Wake Forest University was able to connect them with a support system and the resources to build a better life for themselves and their families in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


Student Film – Wake Forest University.

Presented as Part Of North Carolina Shorts, Program Three: Winston Stories

Art Bridges: Economic Impact

The economic impact of the arts on Forsyth County totals more than $196.3M annually. The Arts District and Ind...
24 min | Jessica Davis | | English
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El Sazón

The English language doesn’t have a direct translation for "sazón," and that’s befitting. If the payoff i...
10 min | William Zimmerman | | English, Spanish
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Half Sisters

Half sisters who live apart discover they share something every day that's right in their own front yards....
14 min | S. Cagney Gentry | | English
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A Brazilian man thought life would be different living in the States. ...
7 min | Holly Swenson | | English, Portuguese
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The mostly elderly, often handicapped residents of a Winston-Salem, North Carolina public housing high-rise ap...
16 min | Parker Beverly, Louie Poore | | English
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Your Cadenza

"Your Cadenza" is a film following the journey of a Ukrainian violinist named Ms. Alex, who is teaching in a n...
24 min | Chen Zheng | | English
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