Saturday Morning Cartoons

Each year, RiverRun presents our own version of Saturday Morning Cartoons to our young audiences. We search high and low for the best new animated shorts that we think will appeal to both children and adults alike. This year, we have a wide array of films encompassing many different interesting animation techniques and stories. Our Saturday Morning Cartoons truly have a little something for all ages!

Titles in this program include: Aurora, By the Book, Cat and Moth, Duet, I’m Not Afraid!, Itchy the Camel: Rakes, Legend of the Claw, The Park Bench, Peach!, Shift, Space Race, Toddler Talks, Toil and Trouble, and Top of the Shelf.

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Directed by: Jo Meuris
Once upon a time, there was a little girl who fell in love with a beautiful horse named Aurora…Expressively animated in a drawing-style that evokes children’s drawings and the texture of storybook illustrations, Aurora is a bittersweet story about love, friendship, and growing up.
5 min / USA & Canada / 2020 / English
Rating: FM

By the Book

Directed by: Shreya Devarakonda & Daniela Portilla
In a world of books, a scientifically driven father is met with the sudden challenge of raising a child he struggles to relate to.
3 min / USA / 2021 / English
Rating: FM

Cat and Moth

Directed by: India Barnardo
A fluffy white cat wants nothing more than to find the most comfortable spot in the universe, but little does she know someone else has their eye on it too. This animated short took 10 years with a worldwide crew of over 90 people to come to life.
7 min / UK & Canada / 2021 / n/a
Rating: FM


Directed by: Yadid Hirschtritt Licht
Duet is an animated short film that explores the persistence of love, the transcendence of music, and the heartache of losing a loved one.
5 min / USA / 2021 / English
Rating: FM

I Am Not Afraid

Directed by: Marita Mayer
A film for the little ones about fear and courage and the discovery that there are many things you don’t have to fear if you understand what they are. North American Premiere
7 min / Germany / 2022 / German & Norwegian
Rating: FM

Itchy the Camel: Rakes

Directed by: Anders Beer & PH Dallaire
Itchy is a simple-minded but charismatic camel whose itchy hump is a constant distraction. As he absent-mindedly wanders through the desert, he discovers a pile of rakes…the perfect solution to his perpetual itch!
2 min / Canada / 2021 / n/a
Rating: FM

Legend of the Claw

Directed by: Shailyn Farmer
A little girl fights to keep a plushie from the grasp of an evil, greedy claw machine.
2 min / USA / 2021 / n/a
Rating: FM

Park Bench, The

Directed by: Rob Edwards
A young girl named Bella finds herself needing a distraction from the difficulties at home. Then, one day, she discovers an injured duck while sitting in the park and decides to bring him home to care for him.
4 min / USA / 2022 / English
Rating: FM


Directed by: Christina Su
A young monkey looks forward to eating a giant juicy peach, but an itchy panda makes it a challenging task.
4 min / USA / 2021 / English
Rating: FM


Directed by: Cam Swartz
When a simple boulder’s peaceful existence is interrupted by the presence of a rowdy bird, he finds himself forced to make a choice between his own stability and the lives of others.
6 min / USA / 2021 / English
Rating: FM

Space Race

Directed by: Shane Dioneda
Two competing astronauts race to claim the moon for themselves.
6 min / USA / 2021 / n/a
Rating: FM

Toddler Talks

Directed by: Diana Reichenbach
A sweet, animated short based on audio recordings of a toddler-aged boy named Henry. The film is animated in a way that mimics the development of language and emotions—which aren’t always clear and articulated at first.
4 min / USA / 2021 / English
Rating: FM

Toil and Trouble

Directed by: Kira Davis
Curiosity gets the better of a fumbling witch-in-training and she finds herself in over her head with an out-of-control potion she must fix before her master returns home.
4 min / UK / 2021 / n/a
Rating: FM

Top of the Shelf

Directed by: Kevin Leal
After a lifetime of putting away books, an old librarian must face the challenge of placing the very last book at the top of a 10,000-foot-tall shelf.
8 min / USA / 2021 / English
Rating: FM
*program total runtime 67 min



10:00 AM — Hanesbrands Theatre



RUN TIME: 67 Minutes