Films with Class – Elementary School Shorts

This collection of animated shorts shows the variety of fun films we get each year for our young audiences. Made up of nine films, this program was curated for elementary-aged students for the RiverRun Films With Class program. Titles in this shorts program include: Cinema Rex; Cool For You; The Farmer and the Lightning Storm; Good Boy Cerberus; Mundance; My Pet Venus; Pivot; Stereotype; and Symfaunic.

Cinema Rex

Directed by: Mayan Engelman & Eliran Peled
Jerusalemin 1938 is a divided city. At the “Cinema Rex”, a Jewish boy and an Arab girl will form a soulful friendship based on one mutual language – the language of cinema.
8 min / Israel / 2020 / Arabic, Hebrew, & English
Rating: FM

Cool For You

Directed by: Sherene Strausberg
Cool For You is an animated film based on the book of the same title, that explains global warming to children in a friendly way. Incorporating different characters and families, animals and plants, children are introduced to CO2, and positive, easy ways to improve our impact on the earth.
3 min / USA / 2021 / English
Rating: FM

Farmer and the Lightning Storm, The

Directed by: Danielle Brown
Burdened by frustration and fear, the Goddess of Lightning cannot find meaning in what she does and suppresses her abilities. Can a nearby Farmer help Lightning regain confidence in her powers, and by extension, in herself?
5 min / Columbia & USA / 2021 / English
Rating: FM

Good Boy Cerberus

Directed by: MK Singleton
When Cerberus, a three-headed puppy, ends up on the lord of the underworld’s doorstep, he goes through guard dog training to become useful to his new master. Will he remain a cute and loving puppy, or end up the monster that he was born to be?
6 min / USA / 2021 / English
Rating: FM


Directed by: Abby Davenport & Aiden Winter-Deely
Maria is tired of her mundane office job and wishes her life were like a musical.
5 min / USA / 2021 / English
Rating: FM

My Pet Venus

Directed by: Ariel Paxton
A sweet story about Arya, who goes to a public garden with her mom and buys a Venus Fly Trap. After taking the plant home she takes care of it improperly, treating it like a pet.
3 min / USA / 2020 / English
Rating: FM


Directed by: Ana Gusson
Growing up isn’t easy, and it’s no exception for 12-year-old Ashley whose Mom has her own ideas about who Ashley should be. Finding herself in an impossible situation, Ashley must decide whether to wear a dress she hates or find the courage to stand up for herself and fight the inner monster that is holding her back.
7 min / Canada / 2021 / English
Rating: FM


Directed by: Nahyun & Dahyun Beak
The war has settled down, but a conflict is still escalating.
11 min / USA / 2021 / English
Rating: FM


Directed by: Erin Bergin & Darby Kate Snyder
A young faun challenges the harmony of her forest glade when her new taste in music clashes with her brother’s teachings.
8 min / USA / 2021 / English
Rating: FM
*program total runtime 56 min



4:30 PM — Reynolds Place Theatre



RUN TIME: 56 Minutes