U.S. Marine Nelson Sanchez has run out of time. After being honorably discharged and returning to his economically depressed hometown, Nelson must face the consequences of the violent past he thought he had escaped. Trying desperately to survive the day, he charts an unlikely path to redemption. In Newburgh, a hard-edged New York community where the only options appear to be the street or the military, the film captures a young man’s escape from the cycles of violence that have defined him. The gripping and powerful feature debut from filmmaking team Ben Snyder and Ari Issler (a Winston-Salem resident), 11:55’s modern riff on the classic Western stand-off also boasts an impressive star turn from actor/writer Victor Almanzar (FOX’s Empire) and strong supporting performances from the likes of Julia Stiles, John Leguizamo and David Zayas.

Co-director/co-writer Ari Issler to be in attendance for all screenings! Co-director/co-writer Ben Snyder and actor/co-writer Victor Almanzar to be in attendance for 4/8 and 4/9 screenings!

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