March 26 – April 5, 2020

American Trial: The Eric Garner Story


American Trial: The Eric Garner Story is an unprecedented film event, an unscripted courtroom drama that presents the trial that never happened against the NYPD Officer who was filmed choking Eric Garner to death in 2014. American Trial employs real-life prosecutors and defense attorneys to conduct a totally unscripted mock trial using the real-life evidence, witnesses (including Garner’s widow, Esaw), expert testimony and rules of criminal procedure (the only actor in the film is the man who plays the defendant, Officer Daniel Pantaleo). Best of all, the filmmakers do not tell the audience whether Officer Pantaleo should be found guilty or not — the viewers themselves are the jury.

Additionally, from May 18-21 the filmmakers will be asking viewers to give their feedback as part of their You Are The Jury! event. Everyone who watches the film will be able to vote online on the two counts NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo is charged with in the film, and the “verdicts” will be announced May 21 during a national livestream with Roee and Esaw Garner, Eric’s widow, moderated by CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller. 

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  • Screen 512:00 am, RiverRun Virtual Theater Buy Tickets
  • Hanesbrands Theatre1:00 pm, Saturday, April 4
  • Marketplace Cinemas4:00 pm, Sunday, April 5