In the cruel world of junior high, Edwin suffers in a state of anxiety and alienation alongside his only friend, Flake. Misunderstood by their families and demoralized at school daily, they rebel against the world in ways that become increasingly dangerous to the teachers, parents and classmates around them. Based on the acclaimed novel Project X by Jim Shepard and featuring Justin Long, Melanie Lynskey and Tony Hale in prominent supporting roles, this unflinching look at adolescence explores how the powerful bonds of childhood friendship and the search for belonging can become a matter of life or death. Produced by UNCSA grad Rebecca Green from a script by fellow alum Brett Haley, the film is a complex, thoughtful and ultimately humane look at the myriad circumstances that factor in to each instance of danger within our schools. The underlying causes are often not the ones you would think, and those who act out are likewise a puzzle to predict.

Join us for this important and timely screening of a film that addresses the growing challenges facing not just students, educators, and parents, but indeed the entire fabric of American society in seeking to make our schools a safer and kinder place for our nation’s youth. The film will be followed by a town hall conversation with director Vincent Grashaw and screenwriter Brett Haley, as well as representatives from our community including Heather Levinson of Moms Demand Action NC and Lisa Nakawatase, M. Ed. of Blue Legacy Educational Solutions, to discuss the topics of bullying and violence in the classroom.

–Christopher Holmes

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