In the sparsely populated Ladakh region of Northern India, an impoverished young boy is discovered to be the reincarnation of a high-ranking Tibetan monk. However, because he was born outside of the original monastery in Tibet, he is denied his rightful place. Amid growing doubts within his own community, the young boy and his godfather decide to embark on a grueling and incredible trek across India to return the young boy to his monastery before it is too late.

Filmed over eight years, the directors were able to capture a stirring and awe-inspiring tale of friendship, devotion and selflessness. At times overwhelming in the magnitude of both the journey and the landscape in which they travel, the film crafts a delightfully intimate depiction of the relationship between these two men. The love they share for one another and the pure dedication they have to their spiritual path is truly something to behold. This one-of-a-kind film artfully explores culture, tradition and identity while also capturing the universal truths of unconditional love, family and sacrifice.

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