A music-centric indie comedy, Chasing the Blues is the tale of two rival record collectors attempting to con an old lady out of an ultra-rare–but supposedly cursed–1930s blues record. A series of unfortunate circumstances sent avid collectors Alan and Ron to jail twenty years ago, and the feud has continued to fester all the while.  Upon being released, Alan picks up where he left off.  His dogged adversary Ron is hot on his trail, sensing a second chance to secure the holy grail of all blues albums, this time from an even more formidable foe.

Featuring Jon Lovitz and Steve Guttenberg in supporting roles, this endearing comedy uses the most unconventional of heist scenarios to reveal the lengths we will go for our obsessions.

Producer Aria Razza to be in attendance for screenings!

Film generously sponsored by Mayfair Street Partners & The Pepper Indigo Hotel and Sir Winston’s Restaurant