Whether we like it or not, the movie-going experience will be associated more with the 20th century than our era. The new audience for original content prefers TV over movies, and convenience over any kind of shared experience. The future is giving the consumers whatever film or TV show they desire, exactly when they want to watch it, and on the device of their choosing. A handful of expensive entertainment centers (including Virtual Reality experiences and other 3D content) will still be around, and we’ll explore what those might be like, and whether they are the final nail in the big screen movie audience’s coffin. Join the esteemed Dale Pollock (UNCSA Professor, former Dean of the School of Filmmaking and RiverRun Emeritus Board Member) for a discussion on the fate of film.

Saturday, April 13 / 3:00PM / Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts – Mountcastle Room – 251 N. Spruce Street – FREE