Leonard (Better Call Saul’s Patrick Fabian) is a 50 year-old stay-at-home dad in Los Angeles, taking care of two daughters while his wife works. He’s been interviewing for jobs, but opportunities are slim for a “mature-aged” former record store owner. With their savings nearly gone, Leonard becomes desperate and signs up to drive for DriverX, a popular rideshare company.

In an instant, Leonard is now part of the gig economy and driving at night. With his marriage fraying at home, however, he negotiates some twisty turns in the car as attractive, inebriated riders test his fidelity. DriverX follows Leonard on a voyage through LA’s late-night, Tinder-fueled party scene, where you never know who’s going to get into your car next, all the while presenting the challenges facing many middle-aged men today in an economy disrupted by new technologies.

Director Henry Barrial and producer Mark Stolaroff to be in attendance for screenings!