Ali and Nejat Aksu are a Turkish father and son living in Germany. The father, Nejat, lives alone and often seeks out the companionship of prostitutes to help rid himself of the bitter loneliness he feels. When he decides to invite his most recent prostitute friend, Yeter, to live with him, it forever changes the lives of everyone involved, especially that of his son Ali, a professor at the local university. The second story follows young political activist, Ayten Ozturk, who escapes Turkey for Germany when one of her violent political actions goes awry. This character, like Yeter, changes the lives of Lotte and Susanne Staub, a mother and daughter living together in Germany. In the third section of the film, Akin brings all of the characters fortuitously back together, this time in Turkey, where each is searching desperately for something missing in their lives.