When a couple decides to move to France with their young daughter for a few months, they ask a distant cousin, Martín, to housesit and take care of their cat. At 40 years old, Martín has no kids, no wife, and no job. Left to his own devices, Martín spends his days indoors chainsmoking, looking through their belongings, trying on their clothes, slowly being seduced by the idea of family life. One day the cat goes missing, and in Martín’s search to find him he meets and falls for Pachi, an attractive single mother. He wins her over by posing as a divorced father who doesn’t get to see his daughter because of his vindictive ex-wife, and before long his fling with Pachi evolves into domestic bliss. As the imminent return of the real family gets closer and closer, Martín’s pseudo-family begins to unravel.