In this companion piece to our Spotlight: United Artists Centennial, Fanchon (Mary Pickford) lives in a forest with her eccentric grandmother who is suspected of being a witch. One day she rescues a boy from drowning and they fall in love, but Fanchon won’t agree to marry him unless his father asks her. A year later the boy falls ill and only the presence of the enchanting Fanchon will restore his health. This very special restored film features a new commissioned score by Julian Ducatenzeiler and Andy Gladbach and is a folk and rock-tinged piece, largely guitar based, a far cry from the typical silent film score.

Elaina Friedrichsen from the Mary Pickford Foundation, who commissioned the work, along with Julian Ducatenzeiler, a Lolipop Records recording artist and front man for the rock band Mystic Braves, and Chris Heckman, Professor of Film Music Composition at UNCSA will discuss the work that goes into using modern music for classic silent films following our screening of Fanchon.  Restored 4K DCP courtesy of The Mary Pickford Foundation

This screening will be followed by a panel on Modernizing the Silents