Like thousands of undocumented immigrants, Tunisian-born Samia lands on European shores in the hopes of escaping a toxic, dangerous situation in her homeland. Haunted by the fear of being followed by her Islamist brother, whom she denounced to the authorities, Samia seeks refuge at the home of her friend Imed, a former acquaintance from her village. She’s instructed to lay low, but with no family or friends to provide companionship and a healthy (and well-reasoned) distrust of her misogynist roommates, she soon grows anxious for her autonomy.

She quickly finds it in the form of Mrs. Bertaud, a rich, isolated French widow seeking a worker to help with the domestic duties. Initially wary of hiring an undocumented worker, Mrs. Bertaud is slowly convinced by Samia’s headstrong nature and persistence. Over time their professional relationship turns into a sensual connection, which confounds Imed, torn between his religious beliefs and his similar sexual designs on Samia. As the three become more intimately acquainted, an explosive triangle of jealousy, doubt, and attraction is poised to erupt as Samia’s intuition simultaneously leads her closer to unraveling the mystery of her brother’s fate. Tunisian filmmaker Raja Amari’s cunning, elegant direction impresses in rigging an ever-tightening snare of emotions in direct opposition with one another, establishing her as an international talent worth becoming more familiar with. (US Premiere)

Director Raja Amari to be in attendance for 4/8 screening!