Indisputably one of the crowning achievements of the last decade in independent cinema, George Washington is the feature film debut of director David Gordon Green, a graduate of UNCSA now widely acclaimed for such visionary films as Pineapple Express and All the Real Girls. The film is a masterwork crafted in and around Winston-Salem’s post-industrial detritus in rapturous anamorphic widescreen, on the most frayed of shoestring budgets to boot. The film is a poetic rumination of sorts, with Green searching out and sighting the moments of beauty that can crystallize amid the abject poverty enveloping the lives of a quartet of youths, native sons and daughters of the working poor all.  Against all odds, George Washington premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2000, went on to win awards from the Toronto Film Festival and New York Film Critics Circle, and was hailed by Roger Ebert as one of the top ten films of that year. Following the screening, Green will participate in a discussion about the film and his career, and will be presented with RiverRun’s 2010 Emerging Master Award.