The feature directorial debut from Greensboro native Adam Kritzer, Good Funk tells the story of three generations of Afro-Caribbean immigrants living in Brooklyn’s rapidly gentrifying Red Hook community whose lives intersect through acts of kindness both big and small. The multilayered film, which Kritzer aptly characterizes as a “polyrhythmic drama,” is as much a living, breathing document of a neighborhood as it is a touching collection of moments in the lives of its inhabitants—cinematic instances that may initially seem elusive in intent but coalesce into a poignant, meaningful cadence representative of the pan-cultural cast of characters that comprise it. The product of an unprecedented educational training and visual literacy program that recruited young Brooklynites to learn filmmaking craft, share their stories, and collaborate for pay on a feature film production, the film is a portrait of love enduring and a testament to discovering family in unexpected places.

Director Adam Kritzer to be in attendance for screenings!