Twenty years ago in the town of Medina, Kentucky, seventeen-year-old Michael committed an unthinkable act and the testimony of his younger brother Andrew, the only witness to the crime, sent him to prison for life. The trial’s aftermath tore the family apart, and Andrew has been on the move ever since, haunted by his choices.

But now Michael has a second chance. A minor at the time of the crime, but tried as an adult, his case is now up for re-sentencing. Brought back to town as a star witness, Andrew (the outstanding Michael Abbott, Jr., a UNCSA alum) must confront the place and people he fled, including a resentful sister and a mother destroyed by the loss of her boys. Can what is broken ever be put back together again? Lambert’s riveting first feature includes a devastating performance from Salem College and UNCSA alum Celia Weston, who will be honored with RiverRun’s Master of Cinema Award during the Festival. (US Premiere)

Director Rachel Lambert and actors Michael Abbott, Jr. and Celia Weston to be in attendance for screenings!