The tenements are home to an international community, including the friends and family of a tough young ragamuffin named Annie Rooney (Mary Pickford), but their neighborhood may be threatened by a dangerous street gang.  Created from the original tinted nitrate print in Mary Pickford’s personal collection at the Library of Congress, Little Annie Rooney was preserved photochemically by the Academy Film Archive. A new 35mm preservation master was then scanned at 4K high definition so that the Mary Pickford Foundation, in cooperation with AMPAS, could create a digital version to perfectly match the original nitrate tints and tones.  At the time of its release, Photoplay magazine said, “This is the Mary Pickford who will always be loved and welcomed. This is Mary at her best and her truest.” The film was shot over ten weeks entirely on a set at the Pickford Fairbanks Studio created by art director John D. Schulze and co-stars William Haines. 4K Digital Restoration courtesy of Mary Pickford Foundation

Special guest presenter: Elaina Friedrichsen, Director, Archive and Legacy, Mary Pickford Foundation; Head of Production, Mary Pickford Company

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