Stuck as the last of six children at home with an overbearing Italian mother, 34-year-old socially awkward Bronx butcher, Marty (Ernest Borgnine), faces middle age with no prospects of marriage and permanent bachelorhood. Goaded by his mother into going to the Stardust Ballroom one Saturday night, Marty unexpectedly meets Clara, a lonely teacher, and suddenly Marty’s future seems bright.  Marty was originally a live television production. Burt Lancaster’s producing partner, Harold Hecht, saw the telecast and decided it would make an engaging motion picture.  Writer Paddy Chayefsky and director Delbert Mann were brought to the film to repeat their behind-the-scenes roles from the television play. This small, independent film resonated with audiences and critics alike and won four Oscars® including Best Picture as well as wins for Chayefsky, Mann and Borgnine.  Marty remains one of only two American films to win both Best Picture and the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival. 35mm print courtesy of Park Circus

Special guest: Fred Mann, son of director Delbert Mann

Sponsored by Karen McHugh & Paul Hafter, in memory of Claire Hafter Watson