April 19-29, 2018


A fragmented, naturalistic look into the struggles of six small-town California teens on the verge of high school graduation, The Other Kids is a bold and original hybrid of fiction and nonfiction, or “fictumentary” as the director calls it, in which real teenagers collaborated with director Chris Brown to tell their own gripping, personal stories. In so doing he sought to make a film about the small town teen experience as it really exists today, versus what one might assume that transition to be from past experiences. The only way to do that was to give real teenagers the dominant voice in the storytelling process, and the result is strikingly authentic in effect, grounded in specific cultural ephemera as it is. Brown’s characters and storylines span all facets of the contemporary American reality, and though the film is very much of a particular moment in time it signals a new cinematic voice that figures to be relevant for years to come.

Director Chris Brown to be in attendance for all screenings!