The Power of Glove is a documentary that chronicles the history and legacy of the Power Glove, a 1989 Nintendo controller that promised to forever change the way humankind interacted with technology. Originally released by Mattel, the invention was the first mass-marketed, gesture-based video game controller, and its hype was immense.

Upon its release, however, gamers were disappointed and critics panned it as a worthless gimmick. Yet despite its initial failure, the Power Glove has not been lost to history. Over two decades later, it continues to resonate with video gaming and technology fans, and has been the focus of art pieces, songs, videos, hacking projects, and other forms of cultural repurposing. The concept for the film was presented at RiverRun’s second annual Pitch Fest competition in 2013, where it won first prize–a $500 cash award–to assist in the film’s development.

Directors Andrew Austin and Adam Ward to be in attendance for screenings!