This riveting documentary by the award-winning director Kirk Simon was produced in conjunction with the 100th Anniversary of this prestigious award. Through incredible archival footage and skillful editing, the film traces the history all the way back to its namesake, Joseph Pulitzer, the Hungarian-born American newspaper magnate. As publisher of the St. Louis Post Dispatch and New York World, Pulitzer had many a controversy, including his well-known war with William Randolph Hearst, but Pulitzer always maintained the importance of journalism. In his will he left two million dollars to Columbia University to launch a journalism school and to create the now famous prize. The first Pulitzer prizes were awarded in June of 1917 and are still awarded every April. Though the awards have changed over the years, they are still considered one of the most venerated and have been won by some of the undeniable giants of modern literature, journalism, music and drama, among others.

The documentary itself is wonderfully artistic and inventive, including remarkable archival footage and strikingly articulated readings of famous Pulitzer-winning novels and plays read by the talented Helen Mirren, Natalie Portman, Live Schreiber, John Lithgow and Yara Shahidi. Simon also includes the personal stories of many winners themselves from journalists Carl Bernstein and Thomas Friedman to writers Toni Morrison, Michael Chabon and Tony Kushner to beloved musicians Wynton Marsalis and David Crosby. Through this film, Simon has created a beautiful love letter to journalism and the arts and their importance to our society.

Director Kirk Simon to be in attendance for screenings!

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