Kaitlin arrives with her artist boyfriend Al at a large remote lodge in the Scottish highlands. They are there as winter caretakers, and Al plans to use the solitude to work on his painting. Kaitlin scarcely needed convincing to join him. A difficult family situation in Glasgow involving her brother Wallace, suffering from PTSD, is something she is more than happy to escape from. But as they spend their days in isolation, Kaitlin begins to see a mysterious figure around the property, and becomes convinced that someone else is living in the house. A story of loneliness and the terrors that isolation can bring, Retreat is a psychological thriller about trying to run away from one’s past but finding it everywhere.

NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE — Director Tom Nicoll to be in attendance for screenings!

Film generously sponsored by Mayfair Street Partners & The Pepper Indigo Hotel and Sir Winston’s Restaurant