A world premiere this year at RiverRun, the heartfelt Saints Rest is a female-driven musical drama featuring breathtaking original music performed live on set. Hani Furstenberg, best known for her leading role next to Gael García Bernal in The Loneliest Planet, stars with Allie Trimm and Dana Ivgy in telling the story of two estranged sisters who haven’t seen each other since their mother’s funeral several years ago. Allie, the younger of the two, followed her dreams and went off to college to study theater while Joni stayed behind to take over their mother’s coffee shop, Saints Rest.

When Allie returns home to the quaint Iowa town of Grinnell for a few weeks before taking a small role on Broadway, she finds that little has changed—for better and for worse. Reunited once again, the sisters remember their mother and rediscover their connection through a shared love of music. The film is the narrative feature debut of Israeli-born director Noga Ashkenazi, who studied filmmaking at the Sorbonne before earning her degree in Theatre and Dance at Grinnell College.

–Christopher Holmes

WORLD PREMIERE — Director Noga Ashkenazi, lead actress Allie Trimm and co-writer Tyson Stock to be in attendance for screenings!